Ronjour's thoughts on pastoring at the 100-year-mark:

 We exist to build and to spread a Christ Culture. A Christ Culture displays and declares the greatness of Christ in all of life, that all may delight in the glory of God. Our joy can only be full and forever when it is in the infinite and eternal Lord. We want all peoples to join us in our joy.

The one true God is spectacularly glorious in his creativity, power, purity, wisdom, might, justice, mercy, and love. Through Christ Jesus' substitutionary death and triumphant resurrection we are reconciled to God to enjoy him forever.

We're on a mission, then, to make much of Christ. We want to display him through personal holiness, genuine community, and heartfelt compassion. We gather together on Sunday mornings as a church family. We gather together in our men's and women's fellowships, and we meet in each other's homes for our community groups. We seek the good of our neighbors, especially those in need. We long to be more like Jesus.

We want to declare Christ through evangelism and missions. We go deep into his Word in preaching and in our Bible studies. We spread the gospel widely across our neighborhood and the nations.

As we show Jesus in our lives and tell of him in our witness, we help our neighbors and the nations— people from every ethnicity, generation, class, and culture— join us in our joy. It is our prayer that by magnifying Christ, God's glory would shine brightly in Brooklyn for the next century and beyond!